I have for sale a Cambo SCX view camera setup. This is a camera I bought some time ago and because of a lot of personal things never did get to use.
The sale includes.
Cambo SCX camera with the “normal” rail and bellows and the revolving back.
Cambo “bag” bellows for wide angle lenses.
Cambo “long” or extended bellows.
Cambo short rail.
Cambo long rail.
Viking hard case with pressure locking clasps.
Compendium Lens hood with the extension for longer lenses.
Cambo wire support for the focusing cloth. This mounts on the rear to support the focusing cloth while you focus the image.
Three Cambo lens boards.
One of which is recessed. The lenses I had on these boards were the Schenider 90 mm super angulon, the 120 symmar and the 210 HM if that helps with the size mounting hole. The lenses are NOT included in the sale.
A Polaroid back the 545 model.
The original instruction material and the accessories and parts list.

All of these components are as near new as can be. I don’t think I used the setup more than once or twice. Everything is like new with no marks or wear.
This model was near the top of the line at the time of it’s manufacture. It has both axis and base tilts and the rise and fall and shifting adjustments of both the front and rear standard are “geared”. All others are friction type.
I am the original owner no one else has ever used it.
I have it set up now to check it out and all controls are as smooth as when it was new.
I'm asking $1200. This will be cash only and for pickup only in the Boston Mass area. I've never sold anything like this before I hope I got eveything I neede to say in here correctly. Any questions PM me