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I'm not quite sure, but believe the thing to do is focus the lens normally, read the distance from the normal scale on the side of the camera, set the FLE ring accordingly, and then refocus.

Generally, floating elements do indeed make a difference, yes.
I have a 50mm floating element C lens. There is no need to refocus after you set the FLE ring.

The ring doesn't change the focus on the lens. As I understand it, it changes how the lens corrects for aberrations and/or field curvature.

Usually I don't bother to read the distance off the camera side scale. I just estimate the distance and set it.

The detents are there because if you are working quickly, you can just set the ring to either the close detent, or the far detent (whichever is applicable to your subject) and the floating element correction will be very close to being optimum.