There has been a "suggestion" for a few years now by Fred Richter - that any photograph that has gone through a digital process be labled as such. The purpose being that ".....photographs do not lie........" in the mind of the general public. He has suggested that every published photo be captioned with a symbol that marks the image as changed or not. This is something that we will all have to face and deal with as digital technology continues to dominate news photography. Most of us, as photographers, seem to be more concerned with the differences between the reproductive differences of traditional materials vs digital rather than where this new technology is taking us. We seemly concern ourselves with the personal issue of these differences (ease of reproduction, archival quality, etc.) rather than the larger question of public trust in the image. Maybe its time to put aside the hype that the manufacters of these have worked so hard at to push this technology and begin to ask these harder questions - what should or can we believe?