Any thoughts on the Series 1 19-35AF? I just got one cheap enough that I won't mind if it's only okay. I have two 28-105 series 1s (one in Nikon and one in Minolta MD) both with serial #s starting with 09. The nikon mount one came attached to an F2A that was what I really wanted, and I haven't shot anything with it yet. I've used the MD mount a bit on an X-700 and it's not horrible aside from some barrel distortion at the wide end. I have primes for when I really want the image, but the zooms are nice for convenience. It's surprising how often the technical merits of the image (sharpness, contrast, distortion) are invisible if the picture says something. There are times when "look how perfect this image is" is exactly what I want to say, though. It's a matter of choosing the right tool for the job.

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The Series 1 model is a Cosina made lens. Nothing special. The Vivitar Series 1 28-90 and Kiron 28-105 are much better.

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