I have for sale a Minolta XE-7 manual focus, 35mm SLR camera. It is one of the finest mechanical bodies, also named the XE or XE-1 depending on where it was sold. This model was a collaboration between Minolta and Leica, and went on to become the chassis for the Leica R3. It has a beautiful sounding Leitz-Copal Shutter, and build quality is top notch. The pictures pretty much show it - what you see is what you get. These cameras are old, but fun, and this model is in good shape. It has full manual control plus "Auto" aperture priority control, and full information viewfinder. The Minolta CLC metering was quite advanced for its time, and works well. I have run a roll several rolls of film through it, and everything came out fine. So, shutter speeds seem to be accurate after all these years, and the meter, film advance, timer, and depth of field preview functions all seem to work as they should. I got this camera second hand for a review I'm doing on it for the Rokkor Files, and now just trying to sell it for what I've got into it - I actually have a Minolta XK body that I'm using for my B&W film these days.

The lens is a Minolta MD Rokkor-X version of the 50mm f1.7 prime lens. Filter thread is 55mm, and there is a Vivitar UV filter on it. Lens looks very good, both optically and cosmetically. Photos for the review came out great with it.

Looks like flat-rate shipping from USPS has gone up to about $10 in the US, so that's what shipping will be. Thanks for looking, and as always, please PM me with any questions!