the dril is
buy film- expose to light (photograph) - process(develop acordingly) - enlarge. enlargment would also mean scan (digitalize negative)

if you decide to work on black and white film its better to buy some stuff for less than 100$ and process it yourself, it's fun creative and easy. i am sure you can find a lot of help here. developing BW film at labs takes the fun away, and could also in most cases result in terrible negatives.
Doing it yourself, is better, and cheaper and you have all the creative options about developers and stuff to decide according to your personal taste.

after that you want to see your negs. either you buy an enlarger, which is not so cheap and requires a darkroom (film development does not) or a scaner. of course enlarging and materializing your pictures is some hundred times more enjoyable and worthy. one main difference between us and the digital photogs, is that 99% of amature digital photogs never print their photos and only see them in a stupid screen. Well we can print, and we do it.

however a scanner comes handy in showing your work over the internet and keeping an archive. I use it for that reason. I have the 8800F scaner mentioned above, which is the cheapest of the bunch and can handle medium format too. its quite good for what it promises. of course dedicated scanners do a better job, but whatever. iif you want to print a negative you print the actual negative not the digital file.

having your film scanned by a lab could be awfull. i've done it in the recent past. they give you a cd with 1000pixel length jpegs. scanned extremely poorly and bad. I say if you decide to stay in photography buy a scaner to be able to see the fruits of your work, and when you feel ready go find a darkroom lab (some universities have labs, or clubs etc for free) and print your pics. Darkroom printing is like touching god in the photo world..

cheers, shoot much