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If it means anything, RF + wide angle don't work with me that well. There's something about the lack of perspective-accurate viewfinder in a RF that bothers me when working with 24mm and below lenses. With those an SLR works better for me. I like to feel inside the scene and the VF of an SLR with a wide-angle replicates that. I only use my M4 w/ a Summicron 35. Granted there are accessory finders, but it's just another thing to have to worry about.
My big issue is with the accessory finders - with wides I like to shoot real close and as you know the best light is usually not real bright so I do need to focus - the issue is that I have a really difficult time doing what I use 35 for at all - quick stuff - with the separate focus frame/compose operations I may as well be using a freaking view camera (hyperbole)