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OK, the sun came out, but there were no aluminium-painted roofs handy, so I had to make do with wet blacktop.

Here are the readings to interpret as you wish:
Incident meter directed straight at the sun: f/11 (no surprise!)
Spot meter reading off wet blacktop: f/64

No matter which way I pointed the incident meter, the highest reading I could get was f/11.

Meter set at EI 100, 1/125 second. Clear sky, slight haze. 2 pm, New York.

Joining the thread late so apologies if I missed something above that makes my answer not make sense...

The above results are what I would expect, the spot meter reading of the highlights is about 2.5 stops over the incident reading. The incident meter is giving you the middle of the assumed 5 stop range (so, zone 5-ish) the spot meter of the wet pavement is giving you a highlight reading (zone 7-8 or so) about 2.5 stops above the average.

The spot meter is trying to tell you how bright the thing you're pointing it at is. The incident is trying to tell you how strong the lighting its in is. Similar ideas but different enough for 2.5 stops.