Well I have never printed any photographs - been developing my own negatives for years but am just tired of paying for prints to be made for me. I am also thinking of seriously starting a small darkroom with an enlarger.

I just bought a 8X10 contact printing frame with all the bits to be able to develop my contact prints. I am still deciding what light source I will use to expose my contact prints. I know an enlarger is best, and may be getting a Simmons Omega D2 enlarger off of craigslist. It is set up to enlarge 135, 120, and 4X5 which is nice since I am shooting mostly medium and soon 4X5 format.

I have a Toyo 45A on the way with a 90/8 SA and picked up a 140mm Ilex Paragon in #3 shutter. I bought a box of Fomapan 100 to start out with. I prefer Ilford or Fuji but thought I should go with a slightly cheaper film until I get back into the swing of 4X5.

If anyone has any tips on contact printing I would be forever grateful. I will be using Ilford Multigrade IV paper, I got a deal on a fresh 100 count box for $40 locally on craigslist. I have read that between 5-8 seconds from a 15w bulb will be good, and some trial and error will help me perfect my exposure times.

I bought 3 trays, tongs, hanging clips, I have a blotter, Kodak Dektol developer, a paper safe, a 15w safelight (Delta Brightlab), a 8X10 Photographer Formulary contact frame with hinge, and I have all the needed items to develop my film. I am hoping to get the enlarger and that it comes with a timer. I will probably have to get lenses though.

Thanks for any advice I can get. I am very excited to finally do it from start to finish myself!