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I'm trying out a friend's Horizon 202 right now, but I haven't developed any film yet. I'll let you know how it turns out.
I would be very interested to hear your experiences (or anyone else's) with the Horizon.

I have been thinking about one myself. I have a 19mm lens that I use for 35mm, and I often crop so that I get a "panoramic" look. This essentially uses a neg area of 12-16 x 36 mm. The Horizon would give me a neg of 24 x 56. It seems that that should be about the same as going from 35mm to MF. And, without doing serious calculations, a 28mm lens, as on the Horizon, would give me a similar field of view as the 19mm on my 35mm SLR.

I know the perspective is different because of the lens swing, but otherwise, am I too far off?

Also would be interested in anyone's thoughts on these cameras. Is the 303 that much better than the 202? Should I buy one new from a certain dealer to insure I get one that works?

I know I "should" buy a Fuji 617, but I'm just playing here, and a couple of hundred bucks is all the play money I have for this.