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I like 2, 3, 4 as a sequence. I'm not sure 2 is in focus, however.

As a note for future work, as a parent I would want at least one shot to show her face. As the others noted, crouching down and moving your location would accomplish that. An objectionable background can be blurred out with depth of field, or minimized by getting closer or moving your location. You need at least one adorable face shot.

If you're not her parent, or not presenting these to her parents, then I think 4 is the one that works as a stand-alone shot.

Wholeheartedly agree:

If I was shooting a commercial advert and I was controlling the background, lighting, the kid was an actor, we had a few takes, etc, etc. (which I do for a daytime job)

If you take a look at the first shot that is the background - I could have opened up another stop maybe but that would not have change things - or I could switch to a longer lens - shots gone.

Seriously - I was not looking at all for technical critique of what was wrong with the images in a perfect world - I can figure that stuff out in a heartbeat (the whole sequence lasted about 40 seconds and I happened to have a 35mm f2 lens on my camera at the time)

I was looking for exactly this:

One: What creative ideas do you folks have for sequence display / presentation - something that I do not do often since I produce stand alone constructed work for the most part. I find this a mental block when I am doing grab shot kind of work and I like a couple of related images. (General question for these as well as other crap I do for personal enjoyment)

Specific to these images - does any kind of group display/presentation make any sense or should I just can that and go with a stand alone - if so which one?