OK, I have a very well equipped Beseler 45MX that I'd like to sell as a complete package at a great price to someone in the Chicago area. And by that I mean I'm willing to drive quite a ways to meet someone if you're even remotely close - Milwaukee, Valparaiso, almost anywhere in Illinois...

I'm going to list the major groups of items with their "price", which is what I'll sell them off for separately if nobody jumps at the whole package. Those prices add up to $450, but I'll sell the package for just $400, and I'll also throw in a bunch of misc stuff to help you get a darkroom going if you need it: timer, safelight, easel, stainless tanks and reels, trays, etc.

Beseler 45MX with condenser head and a small pile of lens boards. $125. This is in far nicer shape than your average Beseler 45. The baseboard tells the story - no gouges, no missing edge chunks, no stains. Comes with two extra brand new bulbs.

Beseler Dichro 45S color head with 4x5 and 35mm mixing chambers $125. Perfect working order, just a little tape residue on the front faceplate. I'll also throw in a pile of extra bulbs.

Beseler negative carriers - a nearly complete collection $125. Here is what is included:

NegaFlat - 4x5, has a little bit of surface rust in the nooks and crannies, but fully functional

8343 - 4x5 with Anti-Newton glass

35N - a 35mm full-frame carrier. Light paint wear

8304 - 35mm. Light paint wear

8304 - 35mm. Light paint wear

8304 - 35mm. Light paint wear, light surface rust at hinge.

8304 - 35mm. Spotless, newer style with springy hinge.

8301 - looks like 110 to me. Looks unused (if you can imagine!)

8336 - looks like 16mm to me. Paint wear. Hole drilled in handle (to hang it on a hook?)

8328 - looks like 6x7 to me. Little bit of paint wear.

8312 - 6x6 (2-1/4 square). Little paint wear, slight surface rust at hinge, hole drilled in handle.

8334 - 6x4.5 (645). Paint wear.

8334 - 6x4.5 (645). Looks nearly new.

8305 - mounted 2x2 slide carrier. Looks nearly new.

8305 - mounted 2x2 slide carrier. Only slightly used. Has more complex plastic base to slide holder than other one.

Off-brand(?) 35mm neg holder. Bare aluminum, pieces are separate and not hinged together.

Same as above but for 6x6.

NegaTrans - older style (rectangular) 35mm strip carrier

NegaTrans - newer style (angled edges with round adapter plate for 45MX) 35mm strip carrier

NegaTrans - newer style (round adapter; also comes with bottom plate for use with smaller enlargers) 120/220 strip carrier. Has sliding masks to go from 6x6 to 6x9 (I think?) Includes usually-missing optional full-width top glass. Includes never-seen optional top glass with masking for 6x4.5.

At the time (a few years ago) I put new drive belts in all 3 NegaTrans units. The medium-format one seems a little balky from lack of use, might just need more use... while the 35mm ones seem fine. Included are all the belts I picked up along the way, some the right size and some not. (I was buying from McMaster-Carr by guessed size, not getting the too-expensive ones in Beseler bags.)

Rodenstock Rodagon 150mm lens on Beseler board $75. This is a very nice lens, and not always easy to track down a board and lock ring for (50mm) but here it is ready to go. The board once had a little light pipe thing sticking down...that's been removed and the hole covered with gaffer tape.

So, someone in this state or a nearby one should definitely scoop up on this great deal, or I'll start selling off the groups. And if that doesn't work, off to that evil auction site it goes...