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In Europe, I frequently ran across green 'safelight'. I would not use them.
Unless you are developing by inspection Ralph! Then the green light is on for a few seconds as the developing process proceeds.

Actually, Ilford state at their datasheets for MG IV RC & FB that the Philips PF710 safelamp (yellow green) can be used (PF712 is the red one). Is it safe? Not exactly, but it's definitely usable. I did a test (without preflashing the paper) and it showed that 2' is the maximum acceptable time that the paper can be exposed to that safelamp from a distance of 1,5m. I used a CD to see the spectrum of this lamp and there was a tiny amount of blue light emitted. Now, if you have the option to put this lamp far enough, you're not going to have any problems with it. I've successfully used this lamp 5-6m away from the paper and I couldn't see any problems. So, why would anyone want to use that lamp? Because it's color is very close to the spectral sensitivity peak of the human eye and it's very comfortable.