I come from a newspaper background of run and gun and make the deadline. Fill The hole.
Make the Editor happy.

Clearly I was a photojournalist.

I think I still am- it is in my blood -
It is a calling - "to tell the story".

As a teenager my hero was Margret Bourke- White.

Currently I am reading Diane Arbus - A Biography.

I think it is important to keep an open mind and study the works and styles of many other artists.

I am in the planning stages of some longer term projects.

Does the fact that I am not meeting a daily deadline classify them as documentary? Probably not-

I concure, they are 2 different animals.

I will probably shoot them with the heart and soul of a pj, but not have to run and gun and make the daily deadline.

Shooting film on these projects, not digital.

Self funded- and a longer time frame to work on them-
does that make them documentary? probably not.
but others would say it does.