Thanks for all the info - I just got my order in before the buzzer with BHPhoto. It is shipping out tomorrow and I will have it by Wed. I guess BHPhoto will be closed for a week due to some holiday. Unfortunately the Simmons Omega D2 enlarger that I was hoping to get off of craigslist disappeared. The ad is gone so I place a "want to buy" ad asking if the enlarger is truly sold or if the ad was just taken down. Hopefully the person will see it and call me, finding an enlarger in Alaska that will print 4X5 neg is harder than you would think, and everything is more expensive here. I'm sure if I lived back in DC or Jacksonville, FL I would have no problem finding one for free but getting one shipped almost makes it not worth it since they are usually heavy and cost more to ship than they are worth. I do have a line on a "Solar Enlarger" which I was kinda confused about the name but the lady who has it on craigslist says it is a normal B&W enlarger, maybe that is just the name. Probably only good for 35mm but I can use it for my contact printing anyway; they are only asking $40.