Thanks Les, and thanks Aggie.

A I said, in lack of better expression, I used that term. It is not arogancy, it is more like "this is it, no argue about it!". So, not arogant, but a little "hars" approach. But, I easilly could be wrong, maybe I simply didn't read Les words correctly.

But, it is more important that Les is authority in his area, even if I don't like his photographs too much, I think he is authority in printing. Especially liked his example and subtility in printing when saw "high key" print of, I think it was, shell or snail house. It was in article about paper flashing, and I was impressed how subtle Les was to show details in "white" areas of "white" print. I can only imagine how that print looks in "real" life, I saw it in only in magazine. And, that print was decisive moment for me to have respect for Les. And, people who are experts in theire areas, have right to be more "nervous" then rest of us

And, I must agree with rest of you. There is small number of competent people who are ready to share they knowledge without being jealous or afraid of competition. I saw too many photographers or printers whos photographs/prints have note: "exposure(or anything else) secret". So, thanks to all of you who are so great to know that sharing knowledge is not threat, and will not "throw you from your kings trone". It is especially important for people in my situation, I simply don't have someone to ask, as photography in my country is not respected, and not many people do photography. And of those who call themselves photographers, there is very small number of them who really know something. Most of them have autoeverything 35mm cameras sets on "P" position...

So, I will take all responsability and apologise to Lesfor calling him arogant when he is not.

Regards, Haris

P. S. So, Les, there is still hope for me, I am 33