I just spent the past 45 minutes calling various numbers from the state on down to the lonely outpost in the Los Banos area of the fish and game commission. The weekend of Feb. 12 on is perfectly open provided there is no flooding. We will self register at the little booths, and from there we go in. The cost is a whopping $2.50 per day if you are over 16 and do not possess a valid California hunting or fishing license. So there will be no restrictions preventing us from pgotographing other than mother nature.

The only rough things e had disccussed were that most people would be getting off work on the afternoon of Friday the 11th. That would be travel time that evening for some. Saturday morning would also be a time when some would travel there. So If this works out, I would leave instructions of where to go and such at the main desk of the motel for those who arrive on Saturday morning. That way you can go to the same places we are heading out too. About Noon we can meet at the hotel again, and share good places we found eat lunch, and pick up any person who arrived earlier . The dinner meal that night is one we would all can plan for. We can bring prints to share, and gnerally just hang out together. Sunday would be another day we can go otu shooting, and also that evening travel back home.