Have you explored the effects of developers? It comes to mind that, especially with more traditional films, the developer can drastically effect the properties of the negative.

D-76 is a "middle of the raod" developer, with reasonable accutance and grain. You could use a higher accutance developer, such as Rodinal, and get amazing sharpness, at the sacrifice of grain. I have a 6x7 neg that I just printed (Fuji across in Rodinal 1:50) in 11x14 that I feel has the grain of a 35mm neg, but is amazingly sharp.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have fine grain developers like Microdol-X. I've tried it, and found the results not to my liking, as I felt the edges were too undefined. However, I didn't work with it extensively, so it may get better.

I often use the efke/adox CHS films. I find that the older style emulsions respond more pronouncedly to different developers. Modern (t-grain) films also respond to different developers, but it's a more subtle response.