3e8, I am aware of the effects of various developers, but have not personally tried many, I am trying to minimize the number of parameters to my experimentation. But you do raise an important point, it seems as if the right developer, together with an extremely fine-grained film (how sad that Tech Pan was discontinued...) together with extremely high resolution lenses might get "close" to MF results, but then you are four or five stops down, which ironically dispels the myth that MF has "shallower" DOF than 35mm.

On 6x7cm, one can close the lens down the required two stops to get the same DOF as the "equivalent" 35mm shot and still be a stop ahead in terms of shutter speed, by using faster film, and still get potentially superior results.

Anyway, with this thread, I am actually just re-iterating a lot of things we all know, I was simply sharing my joy at the unexpectedly high quality of a large print from a 6x7cm HP5 negative.

I am so glad I went the all-analogue road... But digital will have to be pretty good by the time I return to it