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Anyone have any Literature they recommend on emulsion making?
If literature with a capital 'L' means books, my favorites are:
1) Photographic Emulsion Technique, either edition, by T. Thorne Baker
2) Photographic Emulsions: Their Preparation and Coating on Glass, Celluloid and Paper, Experimentally, and on a Large Scale, by E. J. Wall, 1929.
3) Photographic Emulsion Chemistry, by G. F. Duffin, 1966.

The two best literature lists I know are:
1) http://thelightfarm.com/Map/Literatu...eListPart1.htm
2) http://silvergrain.com/labs/Literature

If you mean general info to get you started, there's this forum, of course, and http://thelightfarm.com/, a web journal that I edit. The Light Farm lit list has a number of links to internet-available books.

Hope you give emulsionmaking a go.