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Although not the answer you are looking for, I have used his UV light boxes, have one of his custom vent hoods in my darkroom and have visited his shop. Everything he does, IMHO, is first rate. Doubt you would be disappointed with one of his products. You will however be investing your dollars, rather than mine. I would ask him questions. He might even tell you that I asked him a bunch of them. Great guy. Bill Barber
Thanks for your response, Bill. Even if it doesn't address the vacuum frames directly, input about the products and company in general are also very useful.

Very few responses on this. Mirrors my Google searches. I couldn't find any useful vacuum frame-specific hits there either. Not surprising, as it's a high-end, expensive item. But there were quite a number of satisfied customer testimonials for the UV light boxes.

The frames appeal to me as they appear to be relatively small and portable. At least when compared to those Nu-Arc monsters. I don't have that level of space, or need. These appear to be usable directly undernearth an enlarger for projection speed papers.

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