Dying breed?

Not with me it's not.

You can replace my Bronica with a digi when you pry it from my cold, lifeless, blood-soaked hands. Until then, I will do what it takes to get my medium format on!

And I'm only a recent convertee... I bought a 645 Bronny recently, after trying out (and instantly falling in love with) the SQ. It is the most perfect camera ever, because it never gets on my nerves. People lend me these cameras with a million buttons on, and various knobs, sliders, menus etc. and I haven't got a clue. My questions are: "Where do I set the speed? Where do I set the apeture? How do I focus this darn thing?". These things get simpler for the gibbering morons (the "snaps" brigade), but for anybody who wants more control, they get more technical.

The future is simple: manual focus, manual exposure, medium format.