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Any idea where to get these serviced? Last I heard was on jeffbridges.com -- some dude in New Jersey IIRC.

These are wonderful cameras, speaking as an owner and user. Surprisingly sharp lens and really fun to work with.
I called Gus Lazzari (recommended by Ken Rockwell) and Gus assured me that he could service the Widelux. I also have a local guy in NJ but he's very slow and doesn't want any new clients.

Gus Lazzari, TLC Camera Repair
2731 West Lexington Ave. Ext.
High Point, NC 27262-8227
office: (336) 307-2126
cell: (949) 275-0313
Quote from Ken Rockwell:
"Gus can fix anything, and never leaves any tracks. He fixes classic Leica cameras, too, so Nikons are easy for him. Gus has worked on many cameras for me."