And "best" is a relative term to the application. I'm finally getting another 50mm lens for my Olympus--a late model 50 F1.4 lens. Why? Isn't my 50 F3.5 macro incredibly sharp and doesn't it have outstanding bokeh? Yes. But I do event shoots where I'm needing the fastest practical lens available. Fortunately, this particular lens is no slouch regardless, but "best" is application driven.

As to sharpest films for 35mm...

I'm a PanF user, but find that in 35mm it doesn't give me the same look as it does in larger formats. PanF in medium-format is a thing of beauty. FP4+ has tremendous grain-migration for edge-effect and I like the tonalities which give a nice rich look to the images. I really like Delta 100, except for a lack on tonal-separation in Zones II-IV.

This Adox film is on my short-list to try. At this time I'm without a 4x5 so I'm wanting to use just one system. But there is no substitute for square centimeters.