Well for 35mm you have to search in low iso rate films.
For more ln/mm you have to go Ortho, Micro film or Technical pan.

Films which can be close to small medium format:
Efke 25, Rollei Pan 25 and they can produce a pretty nice grey scale.

Films over 200ln/mm:
CMS20 - Spur Orthopan
Technical Pan (Kodak)
Rollei ATP1.1 Technical Pan
Imagelink (Kodak)
Adox/Rollei Ortho 25

But all films over 200ln/mm need a special low contrast developer. Very carefull development and more problems to get a nice grey scale.

Speaking about one of the best lenses: Leica Summicron 2,0/50mm and Rollei Pan 25 in a Pyrocatechine developer AM50 (non-staining):

I can put other pictures of Efke 25 in Beutler or a Rollei ATP1.1 Tech Pan in a nice landscape too but on screen you won't see much difference. All tag sharp but doing landscape I prefer working with my 6x7 (cm) camera too.