Bill, it sounds like you too are caught in the middle age squeeze.

I am there, and it becomes bearable, but I do look forward to the day when I can devote more time to my passion, photography.

I have my kids demanding more of my time, my mom slowly becoming less independent, and more work responsibilities.

I had Photostock time blocked off in my calendar until last week, when I learned that I am committed to a 5 saturdays training course for new professional credential I am to attain for work that consumes all the Saturdays in June.

Thank you for thinking clearly, and seeing that this years Photstock was going to be a bigger stressor than was warranted, and pulling the plug in a timely manner.

Sometimes a step back clarifies the whole situation for everyone.

All the best to you. Channel your present day life energy to the best result for you and those close to you. When you look back on it later, it will not be thought of as time wasted.