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just to clear, the NPL rolls are for how much?
asking because in som earlier post you say it is for 1.5 per roll?!

``I guess I'd price (roughly) the 4x5 neg film at $1 per sheet (box purchase necessary) and the 4x5 velvia at 1.50 a sheet (ditto), 120 neg film at 1.50 a roll and 220 at $2. Velvia 120 at $2 a roll and 220 at $2.50. If someone wants to buy a whole bunch I'd discount it some....``
Hi- I didn't offer the NPL 120 in that lot if you read the list of film I had for sale. The NPL is a very special film - kind of like velvia so it's more worth my while to keep it. But if someone wanted to buy all of them at once - I could go down a little.