I was recently given a van load of darkroom equipment, so I'm back on the home darkroom wagon (I sold off my darkroom equipment several years ago). One of the items is an enlarger with a Chromega B head. It didn't work when I initially plugged it in and still doesn't work after I replaced the bulb. I suspect that it is the power supply that is the problem. I've read somewhere that the power supply should hum softly and it doesn't. Plus I understand that the power supply is the weak point on these enlargers. Does that sound reasonable? Is this something that is repairable at a price that is less than the value of the enlarger? If not, its probably no big deal as I do not plan to work in color and there is also an Omega D2 with an operating cold head that should handle all my enlarging needs (and an Empire 8 X 10 that is just huge). I'm trying to decide if I should repair it, just give it to the garbage collector or try to offer it to someone for parts. Suggestions would be appreciated.