Slimming down, gonna stick with 120 & 4X5. Funding three formats is just too expensive and I have to buy some new bellows for my new Toyo 45A. All items are in EX shape or better. All items will be shipped by USPS First Class or Priority mail with insurance & delivery confirmation. Payment by PayPal only please - send the money as a "gift" (preferred) so no fees, or add 3% - your choice. I will donate a % to APUG depending on if they sell here or on RFF.

Bessa R2 Boxed - Almost like new except for a couple of super tiny marks in the paint you have to search for. VF has one speck of dust that you can't see when looking through it. I also have a LN Black Bessa grip that is in the mail on the way to me. It should be here any day, I can add it to the box for $25 more. (costs $40 new)
$285 Shipped (CONUS, Intl' will be more)

Kobalux 28/3.5 LTM - Mint condition, no marks on glass or exterior of lens, hood, or finder. Push on cap is not OEM and has a few marks. Comes with finder, caps, hood, and Fotodiox brand 28/90 LTM-M adapter.
$295 Shipped (CONUS, Intl' will be more)

Leitz 35/3.5 M Mt. Summaron w/eyes - Lens is in EX plus condition, no marks, dust, or haze on glass. Only the slightest tiny bright marks on the body of the lens. Eyes are in great condition and work perfectly but have some small chips on the front of the big "eye" that does not affect function at all. There is a few pieces of crap in the RF side "eye" but again does not affect function as the crap falls down when mounted and cannot be seen. Comes with OEM Leitz front and rear caps, 39mm vented Heavystar hood, 39mm Singh Ray UV-E filter and soft lens bag.
$260 Shipped (CONUS, Intl' will be more)
*I do have this listed on eBay for more but will be glad to end the listing if an RFF member wants it. I am taking a $40 loss from what I paid for this lens about a month ago*

Jupiter 8 LTM - I searched for a long time to find this lens. This lens is the first generation single coated Jupiter 8 with focusing tab. Lens has been hand polished by me. This is a beautiful lens and has perfect glass; no dust inside, no marks in coating, no fungus, no haze, dry aperture, and smooth focus. I had no front or back focus issues with this lens on a Leica M3 or Bessa R2. Comes with OEM front cap, Fotodiox 50/75 LTM-M adapter, M rear cap, 40.5mm Heavystar vented hood, and 55mm snap cap for the hood.
$80 Shipped (CONUS, Intl' will be more)

Mamiya 6X7 S-Back for 120/220 - This is made for use with the Mamiya Press, Super 23, and Universal bodies. Back has been cleaned, repainted, new light seals installed. Works perfectly but needs new leatherette on the front.
$40 Shipped (CONUS, Intl' will be more)

Film, lots of film. All has been frozen, only 4 rolls are fresh but all has been tested and exposes perfectly.

4 - 50 Meter Boxes of Ilford Pan-F (50 ISO) expired 2/2005 - always been cold stored by me and the one owner before me. This is more film than a normal 100' box, it is actually 164' of fine grained goodness!
$30 Each Shipped (CONUS, Intl' will be more)

2 - Watson Model 100 Bulk Loader
$10 each Shipped (CONUS, Intl' will be more) - I will throw these in if someone buys all the film

8 - Loaded Plastic Re-Usable Cassettes - (loaded with 30exp Ilford Pan-F each)
$15 Shipped (CONUS, Intl' will be more)

3 - Empty Plastic Re-Usable Cassettes
$5 Shipped (CONUS, Intl' will be more)

10 - Empty Metal Re-Usable Cassettes
$15 Shipped (CONUS, Intl' will be more)

4 - Kodak Plus-X Pan Empty metal Re-usable Cassettes
Free with other purchase (pretty cool looking collectors item)

2 - Ilford Pan-F 36exp Fresh
Free with other purchase

1 - Fuji Neopan 400 36exp Fresh
Free with other purchase

1 - Fuji Acros 100 36exp Fresh
Free with other purchase

This will all be first come, first served and I expect mad PMs about the film. I would prefer to sell it all to someone to save my having to pack up 15 different packages so I reserve the right to sell to the first "I will take it all" tonight - if no one will take it all tonight I will piece it out. Thanks for supporting my camera habit people!

Bigger and More photos of all the stuff here: