I have noticed while going through the member list recently, that there are many who frequent apug and are most vocal who have not subscribed. $1 a month is not a big thing to offset the costs and no life Sean has by providing us this wonderful site. I know what his costs are and what he gets from the sponsors. Every wonder how much time this place takes out of his life? He also has a full time job on top of this so he can support his family. We need to support Sean for all of his hard work, and help to make this place viable. I know he would dearly love to quit his job and do this full time, and if the people here (just about 4700 so far) even gave 50 cents a month it would make that a reality. I just don't know how he manages with all he does here and full time job, a family, and last on the list is actually finding time to do his own personal things like photography, and care and feeding of a monster enlarger.