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What exactly do you mean by dropping? I have the manual that explains how to assemble the thing and how to take it apart to change the drive belts. That is what I was going to use as a guide. And are the bolts and such metric?
The control wheels on the base board transmit their effect using chains in the pedestal legs. The cogs at the top end are bolted to the drive wires in the column when the whole enlarger is together, but, when the column is split from the pedestal, the cogs are not attached to anything and can drop into the legs. If this does happen it is easy enough to reattach them, but as they are covered in grease, it is a very messy business!

There are two long bolts on the back of the pedestal at the height of these cogs. Wind these in as far as they will go before you split the column from the pedestal, these then provide a bit of support for the cogs. After you split off the column, you can usually wind them in a bit further. Just remember to wind them out after reattaching the column, as they cause quite a bit of friction otherwise.

Laying the pedestal on its back during transport will also help to keep the cogs in place. If they do come adrift, the legs of the pedestal have several panels that come off allowing access to the chain drives.

Ian is correct, the bolts are imperial (well they were on the 507 I moved).