Sean - Firstly let me express my best wishes to you in hopes that at some point a profound or radical new way of approaching osteo suddenly rears it head and to also express my deepest sympathies to you for what will most likely be a difficult period for you.

I would like to point you in a direction that I heard about from an iTunes Podcast sub that I have. This think tank called TED ( had the guy from a mob called PatientsLikeMe ( give a talk about responses to his brother's ALS when first diagnosed. As there was no real collective analysis of treatments commonly available, the brother started PatientLikeMe to try a "clearing house" way of looking at various treatments for various maladies and their efficacies. According to the talk he gave he has been successful in showing how some treatments WILL work and some won't for some problems based on statistics from patients themselves. It cannot hurt to have a look see at his talk ( I noticed that there was NOT a network for osteo but I noticed that one can "start" a group if one so desires.......

I sincerely hope that you might find something there that may give you pause for hope with perhaps a light at the end of the proverbial. In the mean time good luck and thanks for all the good work at APUG!!!!