Absolutely fantastic! I envy you your obvious gift for pouring plates. Given a trustworthy basic recipe, there are two possibilities for too thin plates.

One is that the pour was too thin because the emulsion was too warm. Next time out, watch the temperature very closely, and let it go down one degree for each plate you pour in sequence. Line them up to dry in a way that will let you label them before use. Expose and process all the plates in the run identically and you'll be able to see what the best temperature is for your emulsion.

Also, the emulsion could still have too much water in it after washing the noodles. I keep a thick terry towel in a plastic bag in my freezer. I always gently wring my bag of washed, drained noodles in the cold towel before melting the noodles or refrigerator storage for later melting. I get really consistent final noodle weight that way. That assures that a given temperature at coating will give identical (or nearly enough) results each time.

Developer: Mark has a recipe for his favorite developer (D-49) in his full article, http://www.thelightfarm.com/Map/Book...n/MapTopic.htm, or you could try Dektol.

Again, Congratulations!! A really lovely lily.