I did some shooting this weekend and am about to put my 2 rolls of provia in for processing. I sure do love the excitement of not knowing how the shots have turned out. 2 days of shooting, and no idea if it was a total success. Did I get the shots I wanted? It's all I can think about while I wait for the rolls to be run. As soon as the processed film is handed to me my heart is pounding, I've got one hand holding them up to the lights (my eyes running through the frames saying yes yes no maybe no no yes maybe), and the other hand paying the cashier. The same applies when I process my own film, and the excitement involved in that final stage when I pull it off the reel for the 1st examination. I think this is a good thing to experience, which makes me wonder, where are the excitement factors in digital? Or is digital better to some because it removes this excitement? It's hard to understand that many consider excitement to be a nuisance. What do you guys think? Is photography the same when you remove that 'excitement factor' which has been part of it since the beginning? Does the instant gratification of digital make photography boring?