If you have or plan to buy variable contrast filters, then get some resin coated variable contrast paper. The alternative is graded paper, and you will have to buy two or three different grades to start, also rc based. Get an inexpensive paper to start, as you will go through lots of it while learning.Personally, I wouldnt print over 8x10, and cut it to different sizes as needed. Get some Dektol, or whatever brand of paper developer is cheap and handy, use the same stop and fix that you have for film, just segregate the stuff used for film from paper. As you become more proficient, you can start to experiment with different papers and films. In the meanwhile, stick with one film and one paper and learn them well. Keep an eye out for deals on photo paper in the classifieds, as well as more gear for the DR.

Obviously, I did not tell you a specific brand of paper, there are lots of different ones available. Just buy as cheap as you can for now, you will know when you are ready to make the jump to expensive "art" papers. besides, there are plenty of folks here that will give their opinion of which brands you will want(because its theirs).