Thanks everyone, all the comments mean a lot to me. Getting this at 36 is terrible but at least I am young and living in an era of rapid medical breakthroughs and discoveries. I'm hopeful better treatments and breakthrough technologies will emerge over the next 10yrs. I will try to focus on that and treat this as a temporary glitch in my lifetime. There is a wealth of info out there regarding supplements and their benefits, several which have independent evidence based studies or double blind trials behind them for example Pycnogenol which is a bark extract.. those taking 100mg a day for three months showed improvement in symptoms of 56%. Some studies show benefits of glucosamine, chondritin and MSM, omega oils, colostrum, hyaluronic acid, selenium, boron, etc. I have been taking a lot of these and doing the inversion table therapy 3 times daily plus a heat pack seems to help too. Of course there is no shortage of snake oil salesmen out there so I rarely touch anything with only anecdotal evidence behind it.