After some busy weeks, I thought I'd take some time to comment on the cards I received so far. I may have commented on a few of them already, but never mind that; I'll just go through the whole stack in front of me.

mooseontheloose, a beautiful and dreamy IR shot. Great, as usual.
donminbox, first a regular postcard (and although that was not the object of this exchange, it's still a nice card), then later a correction with a card of a rose. Thanks for the effort.
Mick Fagan, wheat silos. A truly stunning print. The silos, the material with the sunlight reflecting off it, the sky, the foreground... It's as if I'm there. (Except for the temperature, I guess.) Great print.
drpsilver, a nice shot, funny and serious at the same time.
TimVermont, nice 'minimalistic' shot, great toning.
Laurent, Lovely shot. Sharp, detailed, and a great view.
lorirfrommontana, nice detail of your Willys Wagon. "Yet unrestored", well, as long as you don't restore it, it makes for a great subject for photos. (Then again, it would also make a great subject once restored. I guess that's not yet planned for the next postcard exchange? )
rtbadman, great print, I like these industrial shots. Just got back from New York myself, but didn't go much further than Manhatten. Guess I have to travel there again. (Oh, tough luck! )
mthorley, crop seeder. So nice to see all these different landscapes from across the world. Thanks.
crispinuk, Iceland again. Well, you can't go wrong there, at least not for me. Great colours, great composition.
Tim Gray, snowy/rainy day. Lovely mood. I've been thinking about this. It's so easy to stay indoors when it's raining, but it is also possible to get some really great shots taken, a whole different mood than the sunny f/16 weather. I like this a lot, it's inspiring.

If I haven't accidentally left some cards between stacks of mail, then this is what I have received to date. I was going to apologise for being late this round, but as I've received 11 out of 25, I see I am certainly not the only one. Nevertheless, I apologise.

The weather forecast for the long Easter weekend is not too good, so either I will let myself be inspired by Tim Gray and go out & shoot some rainy shots, or (and that's my plan) I will spend some time in the darkroom.
Hopefully, I can print my cards this weekend, and address them next week.