I need to make some deep tank runs this weekend, and into the coming month, and I am short on reels.

If anyone has 20 or more reels to lend me for a month, it would be a great help, and I'd be glad to lend you something in return.

Or, if anyone can cut me a great deal on 20 or more stainless 35mm reels before Saturday (local in Los Angeles), that would be great. My budget would be about $40, cash, picked up.

I also have some 120 reels and large cylindrical Nikkor tanks that I could trade. I think I have some 8 roll tanks, maybe a 12 roll or two, and a 16 roll or two. Not all have lids, but most do.

I also have big rotary print drums that I would trade.

I don't think it would be feasible to go around town getting a handful of reels here and a handful of reels there...but contact me if you have a quantity of at least ten that you could deal or loan.

Thank you!