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Maris, thank you for your advice and information. It sounds really intresting.. What about the final result of this technique? Probaply the plastis lose its crusial funktions like to keep the emulsion from the air polution and other hasordous things. However it sound that it is worth to test. Thanks again..
No problems with the plastic! The plastic layers in RC paper are under the photographic emulsion not on top of it. If there was a plastic layer on top the developer/stop/fixer could not get through to the emulsion in the first place.

Your concern about contamination is well placed. An emulsion peel is very thin and using bad glue will result in the picture being attacked from behind. I use neutral archival wheat starch paste to tip the photograph onto an acid free book page. Alternatively I use archival dry-mounting tissue to fix an emulsion peel onto a variety of substrates. The layer of melted dry-mount under the photograph acts as a barrier against contamination from the back.