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Hi Folks,

In 2006 I purchased a set of drawings and plans for building an 8x10 folding wooden field camera from Barry Young at Cameramaker.com. I never got around to building the camera and literally shelved the plans until this week which I rediscovered moving some books in my office.

This is the best set of plans I've seen for wooden field camera construction. Please note that these are plans, diagrams to build sub-assemblies to construct an entire camera. It is not a step by step how to. It doesn't describe or discuss how to work wood or metal, nor does it explain how to make a ground glass. There are drawings for bellows but no discussion about how to construct them.

Never the less as I said these are very complete drawings which one could use to create their own camera. If you have a CAD program you could input the dimensions and lines and produce 3D renderings.

Bottom line is that these plans are printed on paper which are copies that Barry sold to me. He obviously put the original sheets on a copier and send the copy to me. I'm only selling one copy. I have no plans to build this camera now so I've not saved a copy for myself.

So I'm passing this set onto for $50 plus postage.

I can provide sample page pdfs to seriously interested parties.
This item is sold!