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Well there were 2 sets of negs that was sent back for repetitive washing. I went into Image Lab directly, b/c they were taken to them directly (not via WPS).
1 strip of them still have marks on them .. like a sponge pattern on the reverse side. That piece was stuck onto the plastic sleeves (initially).
Despite the 3rd request.
The other set was cleaned after 2 attempts. Water streak marks via a series of frames maybe 1.5 strips (9 shots).

The manager even said to me these things occasionally happen b/c they go through chemicals ..

1 (the third) set of slides were via WPS.

The last set i tried to collect, before Easter, was told at the time of collection they still working on them, later in the day (Thurs) it arrived but they didn't cut it, it was just a spiral roll tube thing. So I just said I have no way to handle them ..

I don't have a film scanner that take full rolls, I don't have plastic sleeves and cutters and gloves at home.

Honestly mate, give Fotofirst a go and I think you might be pleasantly surprised. I usually get mounted slides from them and they come in a neat litle box and are clean and well processed. I would be very surprised if you had any problems with them at all.