Howdy All,

My cards have finally hit the post box. They were sent yesterday, but with the Friday and Monday public holidays in Australia for Easter, there may be a bit of a delay till they hit their destinations. I have done a total of 5 different negs, so I hope those who got the shot they did, like them.

Also, a bit of an interesting note.....please don't sue me for breach of copyright, but I have set up a similar postcard exchange on another general photography forum. There are subtle differences (while I had made it open, the most anyone has to send is 10), the group that are involved have taken to it like ducks to water and are getting a lot out of the exchange.

I have also been receiving cards as well since, so I think its only right that I thank and comment on them. In no particular order (OK, the order they are in, on the pile in front of me on the desk...):

Laurent Nice snow covered track through the forest. A few scratches, but I like the wintery feel of the picture
Mthorley Crop seeder in the Clare Valley. Thanks for bringing something closer to my home then yours, to me!
Lori Willys door handle. I'm always a sucker for a nice car shot. Hope you have plenty of filler for the project...
polyglot Beng Mealea Moat. Fantastic eerie feeling.
mooseontheloose Statue, Pere Lachaise Cemetery. There is just something about those HIE shots. Interesting results
rtbadman Power Station, Queens. The processing suits the industrial scene. Suprised you didn't get arrested???
Allen FridayCarousel. Nice long exposure
Tim Trapp Adobe Wall. Love the textures. Reminds me so much of the burnt limestone plastered buildings from where I grew up
DRPSilver Old Woman Road. Teehehe. Nearly looks like a bicycle lock on the walking frame.
Mick Fagan Silo's. Another that reminds me of where I grew up. Hmmmm, Orange filter....must remember that.
McKenna Old coins. This one is my wifes favourite
Black Dog Beach. Nice summertime feel
Dominbox two cards, the commercial one and the Rose. Like the shot and the colours, but the labs digital conversion has, well, overly digified the shot.

So, thats 13. I know that I should get a few more over the next two months.