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Immigration has "selected" our app and we should be approved by late spring. Spent two weeks on the South Island a year ago, plus two days in Wellington, and fell in love with it all. Took more pics than I've taken in years. The NZ scenery just explodes your eyeballs, shakes your visual sensibilities right to the core. It's the dead of winter right now and we're reading about the hot sunshine at Big Day Out and wishing we were there NOW. Any supportive advice on moving to Wellington, in-the-city neighborhoods to live in (and ones to avoid), where to buy 4x5 film and processing, galleries to check out, etc. would be appreciated. Seeya soon! I'll be posting some photos over the weekend.
- Jim
Hey Jim

I'm a Wellington guy along with David, while LF is thin on the ground here there are a few shooting it if you know where to look.

Sounds like you had a wonderful time, I met a guy in Salt Lake City who said the same things and tried to emmigrate. He was highly skilled but was turned down so you are indeed one of the lucky ones. The strange thing about this is we do need more people but red tape beats some of the good ones.

So welcome!......pm me, no problem.

Just for you I walked down to the beach (100 metres) and shot off some pics on my crappy digital camera, sorry about the quality, as you know film would have done a better job.