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Calumets are great!
I must concur...

Before I dove into the LF pool, I dreamed of sleek and sexy Cambos and Sinars and majestic Centurys, but then a friend offered me a CC400. There are those who will tell you that it is a dog of a camera, that it is not a precision instrument... But it's got virtually every movement you need, (except rear rise/fall, which you can accomplish in other ways) and they are well built and light tight, sturdy and dependable.

Oh, and the important thing... It works the way a view camera should, and I like the pictures I get from it. (that is the most important thing) If/when I decide to upgrade my kit, I will have no regrets about the time I have spent learning the ropes on this workhorse.

Plus, I'm getting really buff lugging it around. People are starting to ask me if I've been working out. Seriously, it is really heavy and bulky. Definitely not for hiking or airports. It broke my heart to leave it at home when I visited Arizona last month.