I'm excited when I pick up a camera, either analog or digital, and start to make exposures. Like you Sean, the excitment builds when I process the film but when I look at the digital image on the screen of the camera I consider that to be my negative for there is always much work to be done in the computer or the darkroom. The real excitment for me comes when I make the final print and see there what I visualised when I made the exposure.

I don't consider that digital is boring and that analog is not, I look upon both as equals but with subtle differences in the final image. I've been making photographs for nearly thirty years and was beginning to get bored with the traditional processes for they no longer offered me a challenge either when making exposures or making prints in the darkroom. When I started to take digital image making seriously about 2 years ago I found my appetite for the traditional methods started to return, I thank digital for that. As I write I am very excited for in just 7 hours from now I will be loading my darkroom (it's an 18ft by 10ft custom built shed) on to a truck using a crane to transport it from my old home to where I now live and in a few days will be making silver prints for the first time in 5 or 6 weeks.