Well amongst a few other darkroom items I picked up cheap today was an Arkay Print Dryer. It is basically a chromed surface that has a canvas piece that holds the print down to. You can "flip" the dryer over and put one on the other side too. Has a rheostat to control the heat, I am assuming it is just a heating element inside. I plugged it in and it works, only gave $20 for it. Just really wondering if these are a good idea, do other members use them, anything special I should know before putting a print on it and turning it on? Did I pay too much?

I also got a two bladed easel with a knob that will allow for an unexposed section of border on the outside, just turn the knob and slide the paper to the corner and it leaves that 1/2" or whatever you set it to. Paid $10 for it, seemed like a good deal and this thing is sturdy, all steel it seems.

Got a medium format "Solar" enlarger by Burke & James, all the parts were there and everything works, even the bulb! Paid $40 for that, just need a lens. I plan on using it primarily for a light source for contact prints. Looking for a 4X5 enlarger with neg carriers for 4X5 and 6X7/6X9 for my primary use.