I have some more good film equipment for sale!
Prices dont include shipping, iLo

Nikon FG Camera Body$35
S/N: 8624272
This is an excellent condition Nikon FG, with the exception of the mirror foam is in need of replacement, everything else on this camera is mint as can be.
It comes with Nikon Case, Camera strap, and FG body.
The shutter speeds have been checked for accuracy and comes with fresh batteries.
Viewfinder is crystal clear with no problems whatsoever.
This camera is a joy to shoot with great film advance feedback and ease to use manual or aperture priority modes.

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Gently used Nikon Series E 50mm F1.8 AI-S Lens$50
Not only for Film Nikon's but can also work on selected Nikon dSLR's, to see if this works with your SLR please check your manual.
If you have a D300, D200 and above, this lens will definitely work, anything else please check your manual.

The condition of this lens is near mint. The pictures speak for themselves, it was well taken care of and rarely used. It has minimum wear marks, and the focus barrel is the smoothest i've seen yet. There is no front and rear caps, but I will be sure to package it carefully for you.
The Glass is crystal clear and I tested it myself on my Nikon D300, the shots rival the Nikkor 50mm f1.4.
There is absolutely no oil or any wear on the aperture blades, they operate crisp and smoothly like new.

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Gently Used Canon Rebel GII Body$30
Rather modern Canon Film SLR, if you don’t know what it is I suggest googling it. AF capability, will work with all modern Canon lenses, very clean body (barley used), battery tested and everything functions. Comes with strap

If you have any questions please send me a message!