Steve, check this guy out:-

I have one of the whole plate models, but he is making other formats. This is BLACK Acrylic, it's tough, and has a spill proof lid. It will still leak a little if the bath was completely inverted, but I can vouch for how good this thing is. I actually think the whole plate version might work for 8x10 plates aswell if you keep a really good eye on levels as the internal dimensions are 10.75" x 9" x 0.75"

I am making a bath holder for this for use in a dark box, and then I can lift it out and use it in my darkroom with the built in fold out stand when I need it.

I think it's a slick product indeed.


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Hi Everyone,
Sick & Tired of that %$^#@ Wet Plate stuff, black fingers, stained shirts, Good!

I Need an 8x10 Tank for the silver bath. See where I'm Going !! HA...

Anyway if you have one to sell I'm in the market.

Thanks ~