"That doesn't say much. I can easily feel a significant difference between MCC, K-888, and ADOX FP Vario Classic."

I recently had the opportunity to measure, after processsing, 12 different b/w papers currently available.

With a micrometer, the difference among papers was not more than .005 in.

I went back and looked at my notes and I stand corrected: the difference I meant to say was .0005, ie 1/2 of 1 thousandth, BUT that was a mistake--the difference is actually .001, ie 1 thousandth.

MCC at .0115, Vario at.0105. the .0105 represents the thinner of all the papers (several at this thickness) and the .0115 the thickest, tho a few papers are actually .01155 (Fotokemika and MGIV)