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Kerry, I have a Manfrotto 488RC2 ball head that, whilst it is built incredible solidly, drives me kind of crazy because it loses being "level" when you tighten it off. How does the small Feisol ball head compare, and would it support a 4x5" Wista Field?!


The smallest Feisol ballhead, the CB-30C is a nice little ballhead for use with a lightweight point-n-shoot camera, or a rangefinder, but it would not be my recommendation for a 4x5 field camera.

In the Feisol line, I'd recommend moving up one size, to the CB-40D for a lightweight 4x5 field camera.

Better still, is the Photo Clam PC-40NS. This is the ballhead I personally use for all of my 4x5 shooting these days.

If I can answer any more questions, just let me know.

Kerry Thalmann
Really Big Cameras